The 31st of May, is observed every year around the world as World Tobacco Day.

Can you go 24 hours tobacco-free? 

Here is Why You Should:

The focus of the day this year as posted and announced by WHO is “tobacco and lung health”. No Tobacco Day not only aims to raise awareness about the disastrous effect tobacco has on the lungs and the general health of the body, but also, aims to entice and inspire the world to live tobacco free for 24 hours.

We certainly encourage everyone who reads this post to share and help raise awareness against tobacco in all its forms. We, here at CIC, have 2 campuses tobacco-free. Since our very beginning in 2004, we prohibited smoking on campus. We started this initiative in an attempt to keep our students healthy at least for those hours they spend at CIC and in an attempt to keep our environment clean. Know more about the history of CIC 

You can learn more about the day as posted by World Health Organization WHO here.

Most importantly, every one of us should be an advocate to the day. Be proactive and effective in your community and promote your health, your family’s and friends’.

Make Everyday No Tobacco Day.