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Engineering (Zayed)

Canadian International Collge - CIC established its Institutes of Engineering in 2004 and 2012 consecutively. Students can study Engineering in any of our both campuses: New Cairo or Sheikh Zayed campus. The Institute provides a number of labs and workshops with recent devices and instruments to enable students to apply their knowledge and enhance their skills. Students applying to CIC can choose their field of specialization as CIC offers multiple majors.

School Of

Engineering (Zayed)

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Architectural Engineering

BAS-011—Mathematics 1

BAS-012—Physics 1

BAS-031—Mechanics 1

BAS-041—Engineering Chemistry

MED-011—Engineering Drawing & Projection

MED-021—History of Engineering & Technology

HUM-012—English Language 1

BAS-012—Mathematics 2

BAS-022—Physics 2

BAS-032—Mechanics 2

MED-022—Principles of Manufacturing Engineering

HUM-011—Arabic Language

HUM-013—English Language 2

HUM-081—Computer Skills

HUM-352—Human Rights

ARC-112—Visual training & Freehand Drawing

ARC-113—Sciagraphy & Perspective

ARC-121—History & Theory of Architecture 1

ARC-131—Building Construction 1

ARC-151—Architectural Design 1

CIP-121—Engineering Surveying

IEN-131—Monitoring & Quality Control System

ARC-122—History & Theory of Architecture 2

ARC-132—Building Construction 2

ARC-152—Architectural Design 2

CIS-110—Structural Analysis

CIS-140—Behavior of Materials & Concrete Technology

HUM-182—Analysis & Research Skills

A1-Institute Elective A

ARC-223—History & Theory of Architecture 3

ARC-233—Building Construction 3

ARC-241—Environmental Control

ARC-253—Architectural Design 3

CIS-220—Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures

HUM–A1—General Elective A

A2-Institute Elective A

XXX-291—Field Training 1

ARC-224—History & Theory of Architecture 4

ARC-234—Building Construction 4

ARC-242—Acoustics & Illumination

ARC-254—Architectural Design 4

BAS-212—Statistics & Probability Theory

CIS-250—Soil Mechanics & Foundations

ARC-331—Working Drawings 1

ARC-355—Architectural Design 5

ARC-361—History & Theory of Planning

ARC-A1—Arch. Engineering Elective A

CIW-331—Environmental Impact of Projects

CIS-230—Design of Steel Structures

IEN-314—Project Management

A3-Institute Elective A

HUM-111—Technical Report Writing

ARC-332—Working Drawings 2

ARC-356—Architectural Design 6

ARC-362—Principles of Urban Design

IEN-351—Engineering Economics

HUM-351—Professional Ethics

HUM–A2—General Elective A

ARC-A2—Arch. Engineering Elective A

XXX-391—Field Training 2

ARC-433—Working Drawings 3

ARC-461—Urban Planning

ARC-462—Urban Design

ARC-491—Graduation Project 1

ARC-B1—Arch.Engineering Elective B

ARC-B2—Arch.Engineering Elective B

ARC-463 Housing

ARC-492 Graduation Project 2

HUM-A3—General Elective A

HUM-A4—General Elective A

HUM-B1—General Elective B

ARC-327—Architectural Criticism & Projects Evaluation
ARC-334—Building Economics

ARC-335—Advanced Technical Installations

ARC-336—Maintenance of Buildings

ARC-372—Feasibility Studies of Urban Projects

ARC-411—Computer Applications in Architecture

ARC-457—Interior Design

ARC-458—Sustainable Architecture

ARC-464—Urban Renewal

ARC-481—Conservation of Urban Heritage

ARC-459—Landscape Design

ARC-110—Principles of Architectural Design

ARC-111—Arts & Architecture

CIS-111—Principles of Construction & Building Engineering

ELP-111—Principles of Electrical Engineering

ELE-121—Principles of Electronic Engineering

MED-111—Principles of Design & manufacturing Engineering

MEP-111—Principles of Mechanical Power Engineering

HUM-x62—Music Appreciation

HUM-x71—Introduction to the History of Civilizations

HUM-x72—Trends in contemporary Arts

HUM-x73—Recent Egypt’s History

HUM-x74—Heritage of Egyptian Literature

HUM-x75—Arab & Islamic Civilization

HUM-x76—Literary Appreciation

HUM-x51—Communications in Education -1

HUM-x52—Communications in Education -2

HUM-x82—New Trends in Engineering Development

HUM-181—Communication & Presentation Skills

HUM-381—Principles of Negotiation

HUM-121—Introduction to Accounting

HUM-221—Business Administration

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