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The Last Call for Admissions 2019/2020

If you haven’t applied at CIC yet, here is your last chance! Tansik has opened its doors for those who haven’t applied one more time and you can APPLY NOW!

Admissions for the academic year 2019/2020 started since the 15th of July 2019 and we are just about to enter the final phase of admissions.

As you might have read in our news before that CIC’s admission process is done through Tansik, and as you are reading this now, Tansik has given a last chance for Thanweya Amma students who haven’t applied at all yet to submit their 75 preference on Tansik website: https://tansik.egypt.gov.eg/application/ Not only those who haven’t registered, but also if you submitted your 75 preference to tansik before and haven’t been accepted at any college/university you can apply one more time through Tansik now.

Our admission advisors are available on campus to help you and if you have any questions you can send them our way on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll help!

Meanwhile, you can have a look at our admission requirements here: https://www.cic-cairo.com/admissions-at-cic/