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Sustainable Development Summer Program

This Sunday, 29.9.2019, our New Cairo campus will hold a closing ceremony for the “Sustainable Development Summer Program”.

The summer program is the first in the region to address sustainability and its development in projects. The program lasted for one month under the supervision of Dr. Omar Elhossainy the Program Director and the Assistant Professor at the School of Engineering at CIC.

The program consisted of the Director’s vision, applied through a number of coaches, each coach had a team and every single team came out with a project that addresses sustainability differently. The students came from different backgrounds but with one thought and one interest in common which is sustainability.

This Sunday will be the closing ceremony for these projects where they will showcase their ideas, implementations and their next steps if planned.

The main partner of success was the Suez Canal Area Development Project who will honour us with their presence along with Geocycle Egypt and a number of high profile government officials.

If you want to have a further look at the projects, you can have a look here on their official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CIC-Summer-School-for-Sustainable-Development-671160323386071/ 

The event will be held at Toronto Hall, CIC New Cairo campus at 10:00 AM.