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First Place at First Sharjah University Film Festival

We are proudly announcing that, as usual, CIC Mass Communication students are excelling locally and globally. This time, a group of students were able to secure the first place at the First Film Festival by Sharjah University.

The festival witnessed a competition of high-level, as 65 projects were submitted. The projects varied in their types, either documentaries, drama, or short movies. The projects submission came from 8 Emarati universities and 18 other Arab countries.

The graduation project which won the first place is “Zellal” a documentary movie. It focused mainly on the life of a  blind child who is finding his way through the daily routine and trying to help his family, all in addition to working on his singing talent.

Here is a picture of the team behind the masterpiece.

Our students are always setting a standard and raising the bar high. We are proud to see them shine in international film festivals paving their way to a bright future full of more achievements.

You can read more about Sharjah University Film Festival Here. And you can always know more about the School of Mass Communication at CIC at the following LINK.