CIC x Formula Student

CIC students raised the bar high this year, why? Here is why…

A team of CIC students formed the “EMIT – Racing Team”. What is EMIT – Racing Team?, What do they do?, and What is their achievement? that is what we will unveil in the following article.

On June 14th, EMIT team shared their masterpiece on their official platforms. PROVA is ready.

PROVA is designed by our students who are participating in the Formula Student class 2 competition.

The story started with 3 students who are passionate about cars, its designs, and the manufacturing process.

First Things First! Get to Know the Team…

EMIT is creating an engineering society, giving the students a space to share their skills and expertise in a practical environment.

The launch was on the 3rd of March, 2019 with the name of “EMIT- Racing Team”.

EMIT-Racing Team is a fully functional society based on the idea of Automotive. Their aim to participate in one of the most popular competitions in the world – Formula Student.

And their further plan is to participate in the other three popular competitions:

– Global Hybrid-Electric Challenge – Egypt – an international collegiate competition promoting education, energy efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

– Shell Eco-marathon – a world-wide energy efficiency competition sponsored by Shell.

– EVER Egypt – The Electric Vehicle Rally(EVER) is an energy efficiency competition.

EMIT In Details…

As the 3 students worked together, the team got bigger and bigger and now has almost 60 members. The team joined Formula Student competition with their car design which is basically what is required in Class II. They were supposed to travel to the UK to showcase the car design, its business plan, marketing strategy, and everything that comes with it. But, because of coronavirus, no ranking will be available this year since the team’s traveling plans got canceled because of the total lockdown and the travel ban due to COVID-19.

The team has students not only from an Engineering background but also from Business and Mass Communication since the project is a collaboration of these three fields.

The team achieved the following in their own words:

  • Participating in the Formula competition for undergraduate students for the first time.
  • We were accepted in the competition after submitting a preliminary report on the
    design of the car.
  • We are among the four Egyptian teams that were accepted in the competition, but what is unique about us is that it’s the first trial for us.
  • We were accepted in Class 2 that specializes in car design and we were chosen to travel
    to England, but due to the circumstances that the world is going through, the competition has become ONLINE.
  • We have designed and finalized a complete formula car named (PROVA).

Here is the team’s masterpiece…

CIC Students submitting their design to Formula Student Competition

If you are not really familiar with Formula Student, here is what you need to know about it:

Formula Student (FS) is Europe’s most established educational engineering competition and celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018. Backed by industry and high-profile engineers such as Patron, Ross Brawn OBE, the competition aims to develop enterprising and innovative young engineers and encourage more young people to take up a career in engineering.

Each year, Formula Student sees over 100 university teams from around the globe travel to Silverstone to compete in static and dynamic events that will test their preparation and hard work.

We are also proud to announce that the team didn’t stop only with their DCS – Design Concept Submission at Formula Student, they have also joined EVER Egypt – The Electric Vehicle Rally (EVER) is an energy efficiency competition. This competition will be held on the 5th of December 2020, if you want to follow the team’s progress you can have a look at their Facebook page and their website




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