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The story behind Toxic team.

CIC is proud to that a group of our students (Toxic Team),have made it to the Egyptian Competition “EVER” by making their first made electric car.

CIC is proud to announce that a group of our students (Toxic Team),have made it to the Egyptian Competition “EVER” by making their first made electric car.


The Electric Vehicle Rally (EVER) is an energy efficiency competition. EVER is giving young engineers the opportunity to challenge and assess their technical announce  and creative skills in designing, building and developing an urban concept of an electric vehicle.


Our students have been through lots of phases, lots of ups and downs but still managed to make it to the competition. We had a  talk with them and this is what they said:

“The main idea behind Toxic team was that we wanted to make our first own Eco racing car, which was our dream as mechanical engineering students” Omar Khaled Toxic team leader.

“We Began by designing the software of the car, and there was a weekly check up by the competition inorder to make sure that we came up with the best design for the car, and their feedback was that the design of our car was among the Top 5 designs”  said Mohamed nagy Vice team leader.

toxic team CIC


“Our HR system requires that there must be an HR representative in each Technical Sub-team, in order to follow up with the timeline, and inform us if there is any missing skills that our team needs so we can maintain it by 2 different ways , either by recruiting someone who has the missing skill or by making a learning phase for our team to raise their knowledge and skills”  said  Ahmed Aboneam Head of HR


“After we received the acceptance of our design from the competition, we began to divide our manpower into groups in order to work at 5 factories at the same time, also CIC’s workshop was available for us 24/7 whenever we needed it.

When we first tried our car, we faced lots of challenges, but we managed to overcome all of them, and the car was ready for it’s final examination.

After we made it through the final examination phase, we were now ready to join the final competition, and during the competition we managed to get to the autocross without any damage, and our design was capable of making 24 rounds without any failure in the mechanical or electric system”  said Sherief sabry Head of Vehicles dynamics.

toxic team CIC

“Our operation team decided to make an on ground event in CIC, in order to show off our efforts.

The event went very smoothly, and we have reached all the targets we wanted, we have also got all the support we needed.

CIC supported us and made all the efforts worthy, as they honored through a special ceremony for our team members as a recognition for our efforts and achievements. “ said Fatma Elzahraa Head of Business Planning.

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