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Networking In Details

Global life relies on computer networks and getting Networking BSC gives you the know-how and practical skills to become a creative and resourceful network professional, shaping how people live and work in the future. Understand how networking fits into the wider IT industry by working with servers, data centers and the cloud.

Studying Networking at CIC provides you with the steps and strategies that can be adopted to mitigate security threats to networks, and internet or network applications.


Knowledge in Action

You will be taught by high professional professors in the field in a high-tech labs and have access to specialist equipment.

A hands on experience through training & workshops will enable you to achieve excellence in the design and implementation of networks, and gain industry-recognized certifications.

Potential Careers
  • Webmaster.
  • Computer Programmer.
  • Database Administrator.

I am a Network Management graduate, class 2004. I am working as a Community Manager in Axiom Telecom in Dubai. The knowledge I gained at CIC has given me the required skills to start my first job in one of the best multi-nationals in Egypt. Also it helped me in the educational journey to pursue my MBA degree, changing from IT Support to Business solutions then moving to Social media and digital marketing is a great example that you need a solid educational background to meet the required skills for different roles.

Nour Essawy

Community Manager in Axiom Telecom, Dubai