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Mobile and Cloud Computing

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Mobile and Cloud Computing are booming and gaining more popularity. Mobile computing targets individuals’ needs and interests while Cloud Computing provides hardware, software and applications over the internet for organizations and governments. The major of the benefit of Cloud Computing is to release the burden of managing the computing resources. Consequently, students need to acquire knowledge and skills in advanced database management, advanced programming skills, online data storage, networking, virtualization, Linux, web services, cloud security and disaster recovery, machine learning and cloud migration. Advanced careers in cloud computing include server-less architecture and multi-cloud deployment.
The student will study the concepts of cloud computing fundamentals and their uses in the IT industry and the applications and programs of various companies. The student studies the most important APIs used, including techniques for creating, publishing and maintaining images and automated applications. He also learns how to use the cloud as the infrastructure of current and new services. And open source applications for high-aggregate aggregated computing environments.


Knowledge in Action

Cloud Computing is simply a technology that provides companies and organizations with the ability to use hardware, applications and computer networks with great potential at any time and from anywhere in the world.
Some of the most important subjects you will study in the Mobile and Cloud Computing section: Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Parallel Computing and Cloud Computing Infrastructure and Services.
Graduates can work as Mobile Application Developer, Mobile Tester, Cloud Architect, Cloud Consultant, Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Software Application Engineer or Cloud Security Expert.