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Marketing In Details

Do you find yourself looking at a marketing campaign and thinking that you could create better? Do you subscribe to get regular updates about the latest technology innovations for social media & marketing? Then marketing major is the right choice.
It is the main functional unit in any business, whose goal is to attain a better understanding of the customers’ needs, and then create a strategy that satisfies those needs and enhances the customer/user experience.


Knowledge in Action

You’ll study marketing techniques that stress on business development through communication, research, marketing strategies, sales techniques, and analysis.

Learn how to reach out to potential customers, through market research, understanding your brand and your product, identifying your competitive advantage and communicating it to the market that will help you reach your targets.

Potential Careers
  • Market research analysts
  • Brand Management
  • Advertising

CIC helped me throughout my years of study by boosting and improving a lot of skills required nowadays in the market, I also attended employment fairs, mock interviews and soft skills training sessions that helped me a lot to set up my goals and practice to show strengths and skills that the potential employer looking for. I would describe my experience at CIC as it was joyful and useful experience and great journey qualified me to a better future, CIC taught me a lot not only through courses I took but also through practical applications and the flexibility to mingle in the CICIAN community and activities. I’m still connected to CIC through CIC Alumni.

Sohaila Elgrawany

Procurement Specialist, Pepsico