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Journalism In Details

Excellent Writing Skills, Curious, Detail-oriented. Those are the keywords that basically define Journalism students. If you have excellent writing skills, and you are ready to deal with news with a high level of accuracy and fairness then this major is for you.

Studying journalism at CIC opens doors to a range of careers where you can showcase your talent. It’s not only about writing, it's how you write, edit and present the piece of content to your audience, and this, of course, needs practice! That is why our school of Mass Communication gives you the chance to study and practice the art of journalism with industry professionals who always make sure to keep you on the right track.


Knowledge in Action

Before rocking the job market as a journalist, you need to have experience and build your own portfolio first. During your years of study, you are given the chance to practice, whether on campus training or work outside of the classroom through internships and summer jobs offered by our student development office. Through these opportunities you are able to explore your opportunities in the journalism field, develop your skills and showcase your talent.

Potential Careers
  • Broadcast Journalist
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Copy Editor/Proofreader

The media is the mirror of contemporary life and a reflection of the progress of society. We, in the media program, prepare students for future work provided with past experiences, present efficiency and future expectations. Through a teaching staff with diverse expertise and skills, in addition to modern training equipment, we prepare our students for professional work. As we believe that student personality is the key to success, we are interested in building their personalities through a variety of activities throughout the year, so the program combines scientific and practical aspects, seeking to serve the individual and society more effectively

Prof. Dr. Shaima’a Zoelfakar

Dean of Mass Communication Institute