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The field of Industrial Engineering offered by the Institute of Engineering at CIC focuses on planning, designing, and management of the production processes. Industrial Engineers designs processes and systems who using knowledge of engineering, and management, to improve quality and productivity Industrial Engineers who able to integrate of people, information, materials, and equipment that produce innovative and efficient companies/organizations.

This major is available at CIC New Cairo campus only.


Knowledge in Action

Our program provides the best career path can be taken:
Students will be part of a dynamic field - technology always evolves, and the engineer will have to keep up with it all, always learning how to bring about innovation. Students will always be encouraged to come with solutions and different angles of approach. Studying Industrial Engineering is flexible; Student can pursue a more technical or management-oriented path.


CIC training is the great ordinary means to a great but ordinary end; it aims at raising the intellectual tone of society…It is the education which gives a man a clear conscious view of his own opinions and judgments, a truth in developing them, an eloquence in expressing them and a force in urging them.

Ahmed said El Barbary

Network and security system Engineer, The ministry of Communications