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Communications & Electronics In Details

Help the world stay in touch through communicating and become a professional Communication Engineer at the CIC.
This major involves the transmission of information across channels such as a coax cable, optical fiber, or free space.

You will be able to design equipment such as routers, switches, multiplexers and electronic switching systems, copper telephone facilities, and fiber optics.

The combination of practical and theoretical work at CIC will prepare you to enter your field of work upon graduation.


Knowledge in Action

During your period of study, and in order to consolidate the engineering fundamentals, you will study practical courses in our laboratories for the Communication Engineering Department. These include the Electrical Circuits lab, Electronic Circuits lab, Communications lab, Advance communication lab, Digital Electronic circuits lab, Microprocessors lab, Computer lab, Control lab, Digital Signal Processing lab (DSP) and workshops.
We give you the chance to be exposed to the latest cutting-edge technologies, and programs that combine theory with vitally important practical work. We also provide you the opportunity to turn ideas into real systems.

Potential Careers
  • Communications Engineer

Learning gets you closer to facts and increases the zoom to knowledge, our minds and souls really grow up with every step in education. Enjoy the taste of learning, the pride of growing up and the exposure to a different life during your education journey at CIC. Nothing will make you more proud than being productive and creating a better world, nothing more than being an Engineer.

Dr. Nahla Elaraby

Computer and Systems Engineering