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Civil In Details

The infrastructure of cities, the roads we take everyday, the train tracks that take us from city to city; it is all the work of Civil Engineering. This is your chance to connect the world together!
Civil engineering is the professional practice of developing, designing, constructing and managing the infrastructure projects from scratch to evaluation. This can be on a huge scale, such as the development of transportation systems or water supply networks, or on a smaller scale, such as the development of individual roads or buildings.


Knowledge in Action

Studying Civil Engineering at The CIC will enable you to shape, build, maintain and expand societies. Our training programs will teach you how to apply mathematics and scientific knowledge to real-life situations and problems that arise from creating and maintaining structures, taking into account environmental, financial, legal, and ethical considerations.

Potential Careers
  • Construction Engineer
  • Building Control Surveyor
  • Structural Engineer

At Civil Engineering department we are constantly exploring new ways of learning to help our students become autonomous learners. Our School is comprised of experts in their fields, who through their excellence in teaching and innovative research, inspire us to push the limits of imagination. Our students are among the brightest and hardest-working. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to providing quality technical and administrative support, while always striving to improve our school’s programs, facilities, and resources. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that our programs are among the top-ranked in the country.

Dr. Mohamed Mokbel

Head of Civil Department