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Broadcasting In Details

Have you ever dreamed of sitting in front of a mic, waiting for the “ON AIR” sign to light up in red so you can start talking to the masses? CIC paves the way to your dream.

You will not only learn about what it takes to be an expert in the field but also gain the out-of-classroom experience you need for real-world work. Discover how to communicate creatively with diverse audiences through a variety of traditional and digital mediums. Learn to create, produce and distribute content on various media formats from television, radio, to the Internet. Write the hit story, edit the masterpiece, or even run the show.


Knowledge in Action

To build a strong, successful career path in the media industry you should have enough knowledge, the right skills & attitude, and last but not least sufficient training that will turn you from a beginner into an expert. We provide our students with the academic & practical learning experience that would make them able to compete in the market. Having a unique studio on campus, the SDO that helps you develop the skills needed and the faculty members that will always be there to guide you.

Potential Careers
  • Producer
  • Anchor
  • Director

Joining Mass communication at CIC, definitely opens up new horizons to lighten your way and awaken all your talent and skills senses; step by step, you find yourself a writer, a program/film producer with a vision, or a public relations and advertising account manager with a competitive edge in the market. Every term at CIC you meet professionals from the market, receive training and hence you are constantly in touch with the real, up to date communication world. It is an enjoyable life experience you would not want to miss.

Dr. Nehal Abdelrahman

Head of Broadcasting Department