Dec 24, 2018 | Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357

A Day of Service | 57357 Hospital Visit

It’s the 24th of December and the Christmas spirit is in the air. For that reason, we couldn’t let the occasion pass without spreading the joy of it among the young cancer fighters at Children’s Cancer Hospital.

Our very own Dr. Youmna Abo ElNasr, the personal counselor and psychologist at CIC, arranged the visit and multiple volunteers from students joined.

A Day of Service!

Our students started the day by decorating the premises with Christmas trees, lights, balloons and danglers. We had a quick visit to the private rooms of the young fighters since they couldn’t leave their beds. Finally, the day was concluded with a fun show at the theatre where the kids and their parents joined us. We believe that the slightest effort can make a difference no matter how hard their day was. So we made sure we drew a smile before we leave. You can have a look at the album of the visit HERE.

We are always proud of CIC students and staff who are always working towards supporting the fighters of cancer. On World Cancer Day, the 4th of February 2017, CIC students along with well-known influencers, CIC academic and administrative staff started an online campaign to support the fighters. The campaign aimed to send the following message to every fighter out there: “This was the main message: We know your battle is hard but we know for sure that you can defeat it and #MakeItHappen. We don’t see you as a cancer patient, we see you as a fighter. You are not alone in this. We stand together against cancer. Our campaign is to support cancer fighters, share your picture and use hashtag #أنت_تقدر” Those Influencers Were Part of Our Campaign.

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