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CIC is the only Higher Institute in Egypt that offers accredited bachelor degrees from Egypt & Canada. Our bachelor degrees are accredited from the Supreme Council Universities in Egypt & Cape Breton University in Canada. Since 2004, we are challenging old taboos, we believe that students are not defined by their grades, each student is a potential talent that we always work hard to nurture and develop their skills to help them Make It Happen.

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The first campus of Cape Breton University in Egypt, our New Cairo Campus was established in 2004 and has been the source of Canadian higher education in Egypt ever since. We aim to qualify graduates to work regionally and internationally as we grant both Canadian & Egyptian degrees. With an abundance of courts and restaurants on campus, you will be able to take a break between lectures. Also, our New Cairo Campus has been green, i.e: no smoking allowed, since it first opened its doors to students.

Land # 6, Center Services, South of Police Academy,
Fifth Settlement, New Cairo

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Zayed Campus

Established in 2012 with the aim of continuing the educational excellence that started at the New Cairo campus, we continue to provide hands-on experience to our students & equip them with the skills needed for the challenging job market. Zayed Campus has also been green since it opened its doors to students, and offers a quiet campus with plenty of outdoor space.

District 12, Continental Gardens,
Behind El Yasmeen Resort,
ElSheikh Zayed City,
6th of October