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When you are in a position such as the chairman of an educational facility that has more than 6,000 students studying to be a part of the future of this country, you must feel proud to be responsible for such a mission and also to be proud of being an Egyptian. Egypt has a unique history and a civilization that shone on the world since the dawn of humanity to guide the path.

Egypt has always been a prestigious country, a source of science, knowledge, ethics and tolerance and we are all hoping that Egypt will finally return to its normal position to lead the world. We wish through what we offer at CIC to share in putting a building block toward this goal.

Egypt has 60 % of its human capacity under the age of thirty and this is a significant indicator that makes us confident in the future, provided that we build these generations by offering them the right education, building their skills bring them up on the principles, values, ethics and belonging.

The Canadian International College has adopted since its inception at the beginning of this century the goal of providing education that can keep pace with modern international systems curricula and focusing on applied learning through hands-on training within the college and in the major companies in Cairo.
We also have distinguished programs to build our students skills and capabilities to be able to compete in the job market upon graduation programs.

In addition, there is another important factor that we care about which is creating a healthy environment and a distinguished student life on campus so that the students can enjoy this unique period in their lives which can never be repeated.

Partnering with the Canadian education has given us a value added, no doubt about it. Since we started we had stating ties to provide us with all the support from counseling to academic programs, quality measures, faculty and teaching methodologies to the moral support and encouragement to our students on campus at CIC and in Canada. We are partners and have cooperation agreements with that five major partners in success: cape Breton University, CBU, University of Ottawa, UOttawa, Memorial University, MUN, University of Windsor, UWindsor, and Lakehead University. Of course in addition to the constant support from the Canadian Government and the Canadian Embassy in Egypt.

Today, after more than 15 years of this cooperation, we find a generation of CIC graduates working in major companies in Canada, Cairo and around the world. These graduates have become a source of pride for the CIC. Through them we can foresee the future and feel that our vision has become a reality and hope that through this new generation that our grads are part of Egypt can regain its status and lead this world and the secret lies in education and mainly education.

We have taken upon our shoulders the responsibility to continue in our mission and offer education that can live up to the standards of international standards and we at CIC, whether administrators or academics have promised our students to offer them integrated vision, care and the quality of education they and our country deserve. We are working one hand and one team to achieve this goal.

Dr. Mahmoud Abo Elnasr
CIC Academic Consultant

Since the very first beginning

Our Core Values

Effective Collaboration & Social Participation
Creativity & Innovation
Continuous Development


The forefront of the Higher Education Institutes in the Middle East in awarding outstanding and internationally accredited scientific degrees.



The Higher Institute for Engineering Technology and Business Administration is committed to offer exceptional academic environment that helps students to gain the knowledge, the skills, and the professional ethics to compete locally, and in a partnership with the Canadian universities to qualify graduates to work regionally and internationally. The institute supports scientific research and gaining the community trust.


Hands-on training through communicating to the industry leaders

The first campus of Cape Breton University in Egypt, our New Cairo Campus was established in 2004 and has been the source of Canadian higher education in Egypt ever since. We aim to qualify graduates to work regionally and internationally as we grant both Canadian & Egyptian degrees.

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Established in 2012 with the aim of continuing the development that started a couple of years ago in New Cairo campus, we continue to provide hands-on experience to our students & equip them with the skills needed for the challenging market. Zayed Campus has been green since it opened its doors to students.

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