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Earn a dual bachelor degree

Graduate with a dual degree: A Canadian Bachelor degree from Cape Breton University or University of Ottawa and
an Egyptian Bachelor Degree accredited by CIC and the Ministry of Higher Education

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What makes CIC different?

Earning a degree is not what makes a college stand out, instead it is the hands on experiences each person receives. What makes CIC different is that it treats each student as a unique individual with different learning abilities. Being a Cairo campus of Cape Breton University and University of Ottawa in Canada we feel obliged to consistently come up with innovative ideas to deliver a true Canadian learning experience.

  • Internships every Summer
  • Study and work in Canada
  • Learn at your own pace
  • A Canadian Bachelor degree accredited in Canada & worldwide
  • An Egyptian Bachelor degree accredited by the ministry of Higher Education
  • Ongoing development sessions
  • Scholarships for Academic Excellence and sports achievements

Proudly CICians

  • throughout my years at CIC, I have noticed a lot of changes leading to making CIC a better place to be in.
    Tarek Amr, Samsung, Egypt

  • Being a previous CIC student and currently being part of its Marketing Team, I can proudly say that I have gained a lot of experience & still eager to learn much more.
    Eiman Gawdat, CIC

  • I settled to be a highly qualified Process Engineer, and the thanks goes first for God, and Second for the CIC and my family who supported me over the years to be a better person and a better Engineer.
    Ramez Habib, Mercedes-Benz, Egypt

  • As a graduate of CBU at CIC, I enjoyed my time at CIC even though it was a short period of time. That being said, I have gained new skills, skills that made me more successful in life. I was able to use those skills gained from CIC in my career.
    Bassem Shams, General Motors, Canada

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